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Phím tắt cho Mac
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Tổng hợp phím tắt trên HĐH MacOS

Finder window

* "Command-W" = Đóng cửa sổ đang làm việc
* "Option-Command-W" = Đóng tất cả cửa sổ đang hoạt động
* "Command-Right Arrow" = Mở rộng thư mục đang chọn (list view)
* "Option-Command-Right Arrow" = Mở rộng tất cả thư mục và thư mục con bên trong (list view)
* "Command-Left Arrow" = Đóng thư mục đang chọn (list view)
* "Option-Command-Up Arrow" = Mở thư mục chứa nó và đóng thư mục hiện tại

Menu Commands

* "Shift-Command-Q" = Apple Menu Log out
* "Shift-Option-Command-Q" = Apple Menu Log out immediately
* "Shift-Command-Delete" = Finder Menu Empty Trash
* "Option-Shift-Command-Delete" = Finder Menu Empty Trash without dialog
* "Command-H" = Finder Menu Hide Finder
* "Option-Command-H" = Finder Menu Hide Others
* "Command-N" = File Menu New Finder window
* "Shift-Command-N" = File Menu New Folder
* "Command-O" = File Menu Open
* "Command-S" = File Menu Save
* "Shift-Command-S" = File Menu Save as
* "Command-P" = File Menu Print
* "Command-W" = File Menu Close Window
* "Option-Command-W" = File Menu Close all Windows
* "Command-I" = File Menu Get Info
* "Option-Command-I" = File Menu Show Attributes Inspector
* "Command-D" = File Menu Duplicate
* "Command-L" = File Menu Make Alias
* "Command-R" = File Menu Show original
* "Command-T" = File Menu Add to Favorites
* "Command-Delete" = File Menu Move to Trash
* "Command-E" = File Menu Eject
* "Command-F" = File Menu Find
* "Command-Z" = Edit Menu Undo
* "Command-X" = Edit Menu Cut
* "Command-C" = Edit Menu Copy
* "Command-V" = Edit Menu Paste
* "Command-A" = Edit Menu Select All
* "Command-1" = View Menu View as Icons
* "Command-2" = View Menu View as List
* "Command-3" = View Menu View as Columns
* "Command-B" = View Menu Hide Toolbar
* "Command-J" = View Menu Show View Options
* "Command - [" = Go Menu Back
* "Command - ]" = Go Menu Forward
* "Shift-Command-C" = Go Menu Computer
* "Shift-Command-H" = Go Menu Home
* "Shift-Command-I" = Go Menu iDisk
* "Shift-Command-A" = Go Menu ApplicationsA
* "Shift-Command-F" = Go Menu Favorites
* "Shift-Command-G" = Go Menu Goto Folder
* "Command-K" = Go Menu Connect to Server
* "Command-M" = Window Menu Minimize Window
* "Command-?" = Help Menu Open Mac Help
* "Command-Space" = Open Spotlight (Mac OS X 10.4 or lfater)
* "Command-Alt-Space" = Open Spotlight Guide (Mac OFOS X 10.4 or later)
* "F12" = Opens Dashboard (Mac OS X 10.4 or later)
Universal Access and VoiceOver

* "Option-Command-* (asterisk)" = Turn on Zoom
* "Option-Command-+ (plus)" = Zoom in
* "Option-Command-- (minus)" = Zoom out
* "Control-Option-Command-* (asterisk)" = Switch to White on Black
* "Control-F1" = Turn on Full Keyboard Access
When Full Keyboard Access is turned on, you can use the key combinations listed in the table below from the Finder.
* "Control-F2" = Full Keyboard Access Highlight Menu
* "Control-F3" = Full Keyboard Access Highlight Dock
* "Control-F4" = Full Keyboard Access Highlight Window (active) or next window behind it
* "Control-F5" = Full Keyboard Access Highlight Toolbar
* "Control-F6" = Full Keyboard Access Highlight Utility window (palette)
* "Command-F5 or fn-Command-F5" = Turn VoiceOver on or off (Mac OS X 10.4 or later)
* "Control-Option-F8 or fn-Control-Option-F8" = Open VoiceOver Utility (Mac OS X 10.4 or later)
* "Control-Option-F7 or fn-Control-option-F7" = Display VoiceOver menu (Mac OS X 10.4 or later)
* "Control-Option-; or fn-Control-option-" = Enable/disable VoiceOver Control-Option lock (Mac OS X 10.4 or later)

Mouse Keys

* "8" = Move Up
* "2" = Move Down
* "4" = Move Left
* "6" = Move Right
* "1, 3, 7, 9" = Move Diagonally
* "5" = Press Mouse Button
* "0" = Hold Mouse Button
* ". (period on keypad)" = Release Mouse Button (use after pressing 0)

Other Commands

* "Option-Command-D" = Show/Hide Dock
* "Command-Tab" = Switch application
* "Command-Up Arrow" = Move up one directory
* "Command-Down Arrow" = Move down one directory
* "Page Up or Control-Up Arrow" = Move up one page
* "Page Down or Control-Down Arrow" = Move down one page
* "Option-Drag" = Copy to new location
* "Option-Command-Drag" = Make alias in new location
* "Command-Drag" = Move to new location without copying
* "Command-C" = Show Colors palette in application
* "Command-T" = Show Font palette in application
* "Command-Shift-3" = Take a picture of the screen
* "Command-Shift-4" = Take a picture of the selection
* "Command-Shift-4, then press Control while selecting" = Take a picture of the screen, place in Clipboard
* "Command-Shift-4, then Spacebar" = Take a picture of the selected window
* "Option-Command-esc" = Force Quit
* "Control-Eject" = Restart, Sleep, Shutdown dialog box
* "Control-Command-Eject" = Quit all applications and restart
* "Option-Command-Eject or Option-Command-Power" = Sleep
* "Command-click window toolbar button (upper right corner)" = Cycle through available views for the window's toolbar (dependant on the nature of the Finder or application window)
* "Command-`" = Cycle through windows in application or Finder (if more than one window is open)
* "Function-Delete (PowerBook, iBook only)" = Forward Delete (delete the character to the right of your cursor)

* Cách Reboot, Log out, Sleep trong Mac OS X nhanh chóng bằng bàn phím:

Command + Option + Control + Eject: Reboot Mac OS X

Control + Option + Shift + Q: Log User Out of Mac OS X

Command + Option + Eject: Put Your Mac to Sleep

Shift + Control + Eject: Shut Off Your Mac Display

* Full Keyboard Access:

Control-F1: Turn on/off full keyboard access

Control-F2: Focusing menu bar

Control-F3: Focusing Dock

Control-F4: Move to next window

Control-F5: Move to toolbar

Control-F6: Move to a floating window

Control-F7: Toggle keyboard access mode

Control-F8: Focusing status menu in menu bar

Cmd-Accent[`]: Switch to next window within application

Cmd-Shift-Accent[`]: Switch to previous window within application

Cmd-Option-Accent[`]: Move to sidebar

Cmd-Option-T: Toggle on/off character palette

* In Finder:

Cmd-Click (on Title): See the path enclosing folders

Cmd-Double-Click (on folder): Open folder in new window

Option-Double-Click (on folder): Open folder in new window and close current window

Cmd-1: Switch to icon view

Cmd-2: Switch to list view

Cmd-Option-Right Arrow: Expand folder

Left Arrow: Close folder

Cmd-Down Arrow: Open selected folder

Cmd-Option-Down Arrow: Open selected folder in new window and close current folder

Cmd-Shift-Option-Down Arrow: Open selected folder in new window and close current folder in slow motion

Cmd-Up Arrow: Show enclosing folder

Cmd-Option-Up Arrow: Show enclosing folder and close current folder

Cmd-3: Switch to column view

Cmd-4: Switch to coverflow view

Cmd-Y: Toggle Quick Look mode

Cmd-Option-Y: Toggle Slideshow mode

Cmd-Shift-H: Open home folder

Cmd-Option-Shift-Up Arrow: Move focus to Desktop

Cmd-Shift-I: Open iDisk

Cmd-Shift-D: Open Desktop

Cmd-Shift-C: Open Computer area

Cmd-Shift-K: Open Network

Cmd-Shift-A: Open Applications

Double-Click on Title: Minimize window

Cmd-M: Minimize window

Option-Click on button: Apply action to all windows in active application

Hold-Scroll Bar: Scroll quickly

Boot: Start Up: các phím tắt khi khởi động hệ thống, boot, startup...

Shift: Prevent automatic login

Shift: Enter safe mode (hold down after startup tone and release after you see the progress indicator)

Shift: Prevent opening Login Items (after login)

C: Boot from CD

N: Boot from default NetBook disk

T: Start up in Target Disk Mode

Option: Select startup disk

Cmd-X: Start up using Mac OS X

Hold Mouse Button: Eject removable discs

Cmd-Option-P-R: Reset parameter RAM

Cmd-V: Verbose mode (detailed status message)

Cmd-S: Single user mode

* Utility: Print Screen Chụp mà hình

Cmd-Shift-3: Take snapshot of the whole screen

Cmd-Shift-4: Take snapshot of the selected area

Cmd-Shift-4-Spacebar: Take picture of a window

Escape: Cancel

Hold Spacebar after Drawing the region: Move the selected area

Hold Option: Resize selected area

Hold Shift: Resize selected area horizontally or vertically

* Issue: Freeze:   

Cmd-Period[.]: Stop process

Cmd-Option-Escape: Open Force Quit

Power Key: Turn off

Cmd-Option-Shift-Power Key: Force shut down

Cmd-Control-Power Key: Force restart

* Application: Dock:

Drag the separator: Resize Dock

Option-Drag: Resize Dock to fixed size

Control-Click: Show Dock's contextual menu

Control-Click on icon: Show item's contextual menu

Cmd-Click: Open the icon's enclosing folder

Option-Click: Switch to another and hide current application

Cmd-Option-Click: Switch to another application and hide all other applications

Cmd-Option-Drop: Force application to open files

Cmd-Option-D: Hide/unhide Dock